Kikle's Tee #2

Hello Guys!
Today's kikle's Outfit ;)
Tuesday I've spoken to you of the First Model of Kikle Tee's,
 but today I speak of the Second Colorful and Witty Model of kikle's Tee ..!
You can buy Kikle's Tee HERE and 
The Pipe - Kikle's Bracelets HERE...
What do you think of this outfit ?
kisses Kisses
Samuele Vannoni Photographer
Ciao ragazzi !
Oggi Outfit Kikle's ! ;)
Martedì vi ho parlato del Primo Modello di Kikle's Tee,
 oggi invece vi parlo del Secondo Modello di 
Kikle's Tee
colorato e spiritoso che potete acquistare finalmente online viste le vostre numerose richieste (THANKS):
The Pipe - Kikle's Bracelets QUI ...
Cosa ne pensate di questo outfit ?

Zara Blazer
Diesel Jeggins
The Pipe - Kikle's Bracelets
Aquamarine Ring by Granny
Liu-Jo Shoes
Bottega Veneta Vintage Bag
Mario Hair Stylist

1 commento:

  1. Love the shirt! I need one! :) I'm still searching for the hot comfortable shoes! any recommendation? or what I can do to make my shoes comfortable?! :) following you:) come check out my blog!



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